The policies are under construction. In the meantime, please bear in mind:             

How I access and store your personal data:

If you send me a message, I will store any personal data that you type into the contact form or that you share with me via other methods on my email providers’ servers, on my phone and/or in my Skype address book. If you message or email me, I will be able to see your IP address and your IP address will be stored on my email providers' servers alongside any other personal data that you share with me. My email providers are currently based in the UK, in Germany and in the USA.

I may also store your personal data on my hard drive, in Dropbox/OneDrive, in the iCloud, on a USB or similar device and/or in hand-written and/or printed records.

I may change my service providers or the way in which I process and store personal data in the future, but I will always ensure that all my service providers are GDPR compliant.

How to delete your personal data:

If you don’t want me to hold on to your personal data, please let me know in the contact form or in response to any of my communications and I will delete it as soon as possible. However, if we do start a collaboration, I will have to retain your information (such as your name, your email address, your home/business address, your phone number, your job title and any information pertaining to projects, payments and/or refunds) for business purposes.

Who has access to your personal data:

I will never give your personal data to any third parties other than:  

  • My accountant or book keeper, in case we start a collaboration
  • The tax authorities in the UK or any other country to which I might re-locate during or after our collaboration
  • Any law enforcement authorities, should the need arise
  • A court, law firm or debt collection agency, should the need arise 
  • My insurance, should the need arise
  • Any service providers that process personal data on my behalf, or gain access to personal data while performing necessary business services for me (this mainly applies, but is not limited to, IT companies)
How long I retain your personal data:

I will store your personal data and payment details for 6 years
upon completion of our collaboration to ensure compliance with tax, insurance and other regulations. If the mandatory retention period changes, so will the need for me to retain your personal data. The mandatory retention period may change for me in case I move to a different legislation. Collaboration will be classed as "completed" on the receipt date of the most recent payment, on the payment date of the most recent refund or on the date on which the most recent project query is settled (whichever occurs last). 

If we don't start a collaboration, I will store your personal data for up to 5 years or until you ask me to delete it, whichever occurs first. I may delete your personal data sooner at my sole discretion, for example if I deem a future collaboration to be extremely unlikely.  

When you will hear from me:

If we don't start a collaboration, but I still have your personal data, I will contact you about any changes of policy or in case of a data security breach. I may contact you about changes in my upcoming availability if I have reason to believe that you are still interested in booking my services.

Additionally, if we do start a collaboration, I may regularly contact you about my upcoming availability.

By sending me a message, you agree to the aforementioned conditions.

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